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Start with this very useful video explaining time banking (with a special A2TimeBank mention!)
Spencer Harbo of the group Transition Times made this amazing video (video credit: Environmental Psychology Lab – University of Michigan). Check it out!

Check out our interview on WEMU 89.1 about time banking!

 Check out some great news about rCredits!

What is a time bank?

A time bank is a way for community members to organize and share their skills. The concept is as follows: Let’s say Jack would like some help installing some flooring. Three blocks down, Helen has recent experience with this, and is happy to help. She comes over to Jack’s and helps out for 3 hours. Helen now has 3 hours of credit in the time bank, and Jack has spent three hours of time. He will have to pay that 3 hours out to other neighbors, using his own unique skills.
If you would like to know more information about time banks and how other communities use them, check out TimeBanksUSA’s explanation of “What is a time bank?

The vision for A2 TimeBank is one of sharing, networking, socializing, and leveraging the human talent that exists in our community. The premise here is that everyone has skills to share. By enabling a method for tracking and encouraging skills sharing, there will be greater access to skills, greater opportunity to share skills, and this exchange will lead to increased productivity.

Getting started
When the idea of creating a skills-sharing community in Ann Arbor was brought up, many folks expressed interest in participating. Working closely with A2Share.org and the Ann Arbor sharing community, this idea is starting to materialize! While the details are still being worked out, this is the first step in getting our very own Ann Arbor time bank up and running!

If you are interested in joining the time bank, go to Member Login, and apply to become a member.

Questions? Comments? Use the Contact page to get in touch, or leave a comment below!

Check out our schmancy Timebank brochure! Download this and feel free to disseminate it.


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